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Video Production for Business

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Video Production for Business

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Video Production for Business

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Video Production for Business

About We Make Films

We Make Films are a Bristol based video production company that specialise in producing high end video content for businesses across the UK.

"We help our clients achieve their goals by delivering professional video content that gets results."
- Tom Heal | Director of We Make Films Limited

We can help your business...

Attract New Talent

Highlight your company culture, mission, and values through video. Video is a great way of showcasing your unique workplace to attract new talent, presenting your mission, company values and benefits you offer in an engaging way.

Increase Sales

Video offers an effective way to showcase your company's processes and workflows. With professional video production, you can offer your customers a behind-the-scenes look at the care that goes into looking after your customers day to day.

Promote Products

Promote your products effectively with videos that provide comprehensive explanations, break down processes, and demonstrate usability in real-world contexts. Use the dynamic nature of video to highlight your products unique features and engage viewers.

"Not only are We Make Films fantastic to work with, they also produce cutting-edge content that is fresh, original and memorable. Always delivering above and beyond,
We Make Films are my go-to for all my video production needs."
Josh Gregory
Head of Operations at Deks
| skellerup Industries
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Video Production for Manufacturing.


Here are some frequently asked questions...

How much does video production for business cost?

Video production has a wide range of variables which change from project to project, such as equipment requirements, staffing costs, locations, travel expenses and pre/post production. Which is why most video companies can't give exact quotes with out having a quick call to find out what the client's requirements are. Get a free quote.

What is commercial video production?

Commercial video production is a video made to promote a product, brand or service and can be used within a wider marketing campaign or be used on its own as stand alone content.

What is our video production process?

Our video production process is split into 5 stages and can be completed within just 2 days.

1) Consultation + Quotation
Once you've filled out our quick form to request a free quote. We'll have a quick chat to discuss your project and it's requirements. We'll then send over a quotation, once approved we'll send over the contracts and an invoice for the 50% deposit for the project.

2) Pre-Production
Once the quote has been approved we'll move on to the planning and preparation stage for your project. Here we'll arrange the filming date(s), plan what needs to be filmed and prepare equipment ready for the shoot day.

3) Production
We'll put our plan in to action and start filming. When practical we'll have a wireless production monitor for you to watch your video come together and sign off on the shots as we go.
4) Post Production
Once we've got everything in the can, we'll move on to post production. This is where all of the footage is collated and edited into the final film. We'll also add any finishing touches such as motion graphics, colour and sound design.

5) Final Delivery + Feedback
Once your film has been edited, we'll send over the finished film and make any amends needed from your feedback. Each video has an allocated number of post-production amends (usually 2) which will be listed at the bottom of your quote form for reference.

How long does it take to make a video?

The process to create a video can take as little as 2 days, however, depending the complexity of the project and the time needed to plan and prepare for the shoot. We usually aim to complete most of our projects within within 1-2 weeks.

If you have a particular deadline in mind we'll be more than happy to let you know what is possible in a certain time frame contact us to find out more.